Light Links

Light LinksLight Links are a new product being offered to our residential and commercial holiday lighting customers this year. These aren’t your grandma’s Christmas lights.

Unlike your standard C9 string lights Light Links offer you a great way to individualize your holiday display. Instead of the standard bulbs or icicles hanging off your roof why not try snowflakes, candy canes or gift boxes. So if  you’re tired of the typical or the neighborhood standard Christmas decorations take a look at what we have to offer. In addition to the Light Links theres a ton of outdoor holiday decoration options available as well. With both large and small scale themes- you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your holiday display.


Light Links A

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Light Links B

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Light Links C

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Click on the catalog to the left to view the available Christmas Decorations product line for the 2011 season. This link will take you to a virtural catalog that you can thumb through as if it will a paper catalog. 3D stars, animated decor, garland, trees and scores of other great Christmas Decorations await you in this easy to use catalog. You can call for an estimate at 214-257-8813 or use our contact us page to send an email. There’s limited stock on these items so call today before they’re all gone.