Tree Lighting FAQ

By Dallas Holiday Lighting

So your outdoor Holiday Lighting Display looks great and now it’s time to tackle the inside. Let’s start with your Holiday Tree. There’s tons of different types and sizes of trees available. The following is general information on lighting your tree.

Q- What kind of tree should I use?

A- Anyone you like. My favorite is the Douglas Fir, it’s the most commonly used tree and was the first real tree I ever had – his name was Dougy. For more on Christmas tree check out this link for The National Christmas Tree Association. 

Q- How many lights should I use for my tree?

A- The answer to this question varies according to your individual preference. The general rule of thumb is to use 100 lights for every foot of tree – 6 sets for a 6 foot tree. You can

Q- Can I plug all the lights together?

A- yes if you’re only using 3 sets. Most brands will allow for 3 sets to be connected end to end. You should have a separate power cord for every 3 sets. Typically using 2 for a 6′ tree.

Q- How many LED lights can I string together

A- Refer to your packaging for the specific amount. LED’s come in different lengths and in some cases you can attach as many as 60 sets together. Flatten and save the packaging for future reference.

Q- Can I mix types of Lights?

A-Yes and no. I think mixed lights look great on a tree but to get the best performance and have your lights last longer you should only connect same lights together. When you mix the lights use a difference power cord.

Q-Should I use LED’s?

A-Yes, the current trend is LED’s especially with larger and commercial installations. They are more expensive intially but in the long rung you definately get your moneys worth.

Q- Should I light my tree from the top or the bottom?

A- There are a few ways to wrap lights on your tree and you can start from the top or the bottom. Typically if you are doing a branch wrap your gonna start from the bottom where the power source is.

Q-What Technique do you recommend for lighting my tree?

A-As a professional Holiday Lighting Installer I like to branch wrap my tree. Keep in mind that you should wear gloves when installing them as they do contain lead. never let children play with light sets.

Q-Color or clear?

A-Almost all my clients use clear lights. My favorite is clear and gold with a twinkling set thrown in. Children love colored lights so if you don’t want to add them to the family tree consider getting your child a tree for their room with whatever lights they want!

Q-Should the lights be on?

A-Yes! Install your lights with them on so that you can not only test the strand but see how the lights will look. You don’t want to be finished and turn them on only to find holes.