Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments: A 50% deposit is due upon accepting the estimate. The remaining balance is due in full at the completion of the installation. Removals will not be scheduled until payment is received in full. For customers that may be uncomfortable with satisfying the balance prior to removal, arrangements can be made. Please call the off ice at 214-257-8813 for details.

Pricing:  We offer several different options for your home or commercial property. Our Holiday lighting designs are fully customizable and prices vary greatly depending on the Christmas lighting display. Residential projects range from $400-$5000 and commercial projects range from $1,200-$10,000.

Installation: We use professional grade materials to give your home the greeting card look you want. Installation can take anywhere from 1- 8 hours. It does not include electrical work. Service disruptions caused by any of those factors is not included and will incur a service charge.

Warranty: We stand by our installations and our materials. Typically the only issues we see are due to weather conditions. There will be blogs and videos posted to help you trouble shoot your display. If you continue to have issues we will most certainly come out and get you working again, unless if it is actively raining, as this poses safety concerns. Our warranty does not cover acts of god (lightening etc), bad weather (popped GFIC’s) or vandalism (squirrels, etc)

Products: Our greenery is made of the highest quality materials and offer the most tips on the market. The LED’s we use have “True Colors”, no freaky bluish lights here. If you have any questions or require specifications please Contact us. We use a variety of lights to suit your budget.

Removals: Lights and greenery are removed starting the first week of January. We recognize that the traditions of some of our clients dictate that the lights be taken down immediately after Christmas day, and others taken down after the 6TH. Please indicate when you require your removal at the time of installation. Otherwise all lights and greenery will be taken down on After January 2ND, in order of proximity.

Storage Bins: Boxes or plastic bins are provided for storage, and are included with your purchase of lights. Storage for greenery is not included. We do sell storage receptacles for your greenery.

Storage: Storage may or may not be included in your pricing, please refer to your paperwork. Whether or not we are storing your lights we will wrap and label them accordingly. If storing your lights we will remove them from the property promptly. If not, they will be left at the property. If a location isn’t provided they will be left at the front door to make it easier for you to bring them inside. Containers will not be brought inside to a location, such as an attic. In certain cases as with seniors or the disable, special arrangements can be made. Call in advanced at 214-257-8813.

Insurance: Copies of our Certificates of Insurance for General Liability, auto and Workman’s Compensation can be provided via email, or fax.

Electrical: Electrical services are not provided by Dallas Curb Appeal Inc. or any of it’s website partners. Please consult a professional for your electrical needs.

Lights By Others: We do not install lights provided by customers or previously installed by other companies. Sub standard labeling and installation can increase the labor on an install, in some cases it may even be less to have a new installation. We may make exceptions for clients referred to us by long standing customers.

Garlands & Wreaths: We offer decorated and undecorated greenery. If you require a color scheme that is not available you can arrange to have it created it for you. Orders must be placed at least a week in advanced of the installation. Greenery is available in both Incandescent and LED and can also be custom wrapped in the color of your choice.

Discounts: 20% OFF – Book Early/ Install early and receive 20% OFF orders over $1000 if you book before 10/15. Referrals: Receive a FREE 24″ Wreath or $50 Off your installation for each person you refer that installs with us. Other available discounts include Angie’s List, seniors, and veterans. Discounts and or coupons cannot be combined.