Commercial Christmas Lights

Commercial LightingWe offer Commercial Christmas light installations in Dallas and Collin County. There is limited availability in other areas, please call 214-257-8813 for more details. Whether you need seasonal holiday lighting or a permanent Christmas light display, Dallas Holiday Lighting can install, inspect and maintain your lights throughout the holiday seasonal or all year long. Available commercial holiday lighting services include; full installation of both indoor and outdoor Christmas Lighting and decorations, maintenance, storage, and rentals. You can fully customize your lighting package to suit both your needs and your budget. Commercial Christmas lighting projects requiring installation equipment for high elevations should be booked by October 10th at the latest.

Seasonal or Permanent Holiday lights Maintenance

  • Display checks/repairs are done every quarter for permanent installs aside from peak season maintenance
  • Seasonal checks/repairs on seasonal installs are done as requested unless otherwise stipulated on your contract
  • Service calls are available 24-48 hours upon request
  • Electrical outlets are checked for power (electrical work is not provided. Contact a licensed electrician for your power needs)
  • Strands are checked for squirrel damage (those little guys can cause trouble)
  • Lights strands will be replaced if cut as splices are not allowed by code. (labor is included-material is additional)
  • Loose strands will be re-stapled
  • Contracts are customizable to include as many or as few check, replacement of materials, term length etc.