Dallas Holiday Lighting on choosing your Christmas Lights

Below is a brief description of the lights available. Choosing your Christmas Lights is a personal choice. Color, style, energy efficiency, it’s all up to you. For more information call us at 214-257-8813 and we will help you make the choice that’s right for you.

Type of Lights

LED mini lights: LED’s are becoming more and more common. They are widely available in most box stores and from most professional installers. I fancy the 5mm or wide angle type of lights the most with the raspberry type coming in a close second.

C9′s: These are the most commonly used bulbs for the holiday season, in both incandescent and LED. C9′s come in many colors, and can be translucent or opaque.

C6 & C7′s: These lights are just smaller versions of their brothers the C9′s. They look great for your greenery and shrubbery. I prefer them for greenery but not to outline a house for Christmas.

G12 or Raspberry LED’s: These little globes look great on wreaths, garland and on shrubbery. Red and Pink are my favorite colors as they resemble real berries.

LED M5: These are OK to use but I am not a big fan. I just don’t like the shape of them – they look like ears of corn (not my first example but this is a family site). It’s more difficult to wrap a tree using the  M5 mini lights because they don’t naturally point in the same direction –maybe I’m a little OCD but I hate when they are not facing the same way. It’s less of an issue with the small wide angle LED’s as they do not stick out as far.

LED Icicle drop lights: You may have to dig a little deeper in your pockets this year for these as they are at the high end of what available in Christmas lights– but O how I love them so. These lights have movement and not only look good from any angle at night but are hardly visible during the day. Except for a few houses we installed last year I haven’t seen any around town. be the first on your block to get them!

LED Rope Lights: These are good if you want to have stripes, tight spirals or for very linear designs. Maintenance is the biggest issue with these lights because when a bulb (diode) goes out a section has to be removed and spliced in for the rope to be used again. Generally not something we use as professional Christmas Light installers. 

Icicle Lights: My second least favorite type of lights. This is Texas our winter winds can really pound these icicle lights against the house.Maintenance can be an issue as the icicles will short out from all the banging around I don’t know about you but I don’t want to lug out a 20-40 foot ladder every time one goes out.

Net Lights: I must admit that I am not a huge fan of net lights- OK I hate them. They are difficult to trouble shoot, storing isn’t bad but getting the back out is. Aside from that I just prefer to use mini lights om shrubs. Net lights are evenly spaced and in my opinion just don’t look as good. Professional Christmas Lighting Installers don’t typically stock or use them.